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Watch Out You May Not Be So Happy With Your Current Time And Attendance Tracker

All businesses try to maximize efficiency, minimize cost and enhance its bottom-line. If your organization is not taking use of the perfect time and attendance system that cannot just keep your organization from accomplishing its operational objectives, but result in dissatisfaction among your employees. Here are five signs that shows the dissatisfaction your organization has with its present time and attendance system and a few tips to help you analyze how to acquire the correct framework for your business for recruitment companies in Singapore.

No real time data

If you are still pulling out worker data from their personal files and manual time sheets or an old-fashioned punch clock that hangs on a wall, there is nothing innovative or real about this. It essentially implies, you are getting the data once it’s done. What you need is an employee attendance software, shows worker data when they happen then and there, a framework that can give you real time data whenever you need it.

Not integrated

This is tops the lineup of disappointment for some organizations. If the time and attendance solution your organization follow does not have the capacity to collaborate with other temp staff services in Singapore you use, you have to reexamine your application. No organization should be utilizing obsolete applications, the sole purpose behind using an electronic time and attendance is to make your life less demanding.

Basic features

Calculating overtime and statutory holidays crosswise in different areas should be a component of the regular elements of the framework. If these important elements for your organization’s everyday life are not incorporated in the solution, you are using the wrong framework and your team is likely to be highly dissatisfied.

Boost productivity at a lower cost

If your organization wants to enhance productivity, you require a time and attendance arrangement that has this installed into it-failing to which, the dissatisfaction of your HR or finance professional will see no end.

Blaming the system

If your team members are getting wrong information, it’s not hard to conclude that you have the wrong framework. Also, if the records show lesser hours than what your employees have actually worked for because the application doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate business necessities, you should be looking at better alternatives.Rather than requesting your present supplier to roll out customization improvements that would essentially add to the multifaceted nature of an inefficient application, switch to an end to end cloud based solution offered by Singapore’s’ leading cloud based workforce management system; Roubler. Our online Time & attendance software gives you the ability to react to changing business needs quickly, enhance profitability, streamline costs and can promote instant employee communication.