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Must Have Technologies For Every Modern City

A modern city by definition, is a city which is able to facilitate the needs of a very large population of residents who lives in it, while also being sustainable financially, environmentally and culturally. Achieving such a diverse set of objectives can become a challenge for any modern city. Technology is the one factor which can aid a municipality realize these objectives in order to become a pinnacle of modernization. Mentioned below are three such revolutionary technologies which are being practiced by some of the most developed metropolises in the world and must be adopted by any city which wishes to become modernized.

Drone Delivery Technology This was first implemented on a commercial scale by the American organization Amazon, which used aerial drone Brisbane machines to deliver goods ordered online by their customers. The drones are controlled by a remote pilot located at the organization, and the orders goods are delivered right to the customer’s doorstep. Google and Walmart are two other corporate giants who have adopted this revolutionary technology. The main advantage of the drone technology is the increased speed of delivery, because once it takes flight, it’s a straight trip from point A to point B, with no colour lights, intersections or traffic to slow it down. Imagine a smart city that uses this technology for delivering all sorts of packages and mail within the city. The costs associated with labour, fuel and vehicles can be reduced greatly, freeing up the municipal councils to make further developments in the city.

Parking space sensor technology Sounds too good to be true? Well you better believe it, because it is already being tested in San Francisco, CA in the United States, where over 6000 sensors have been embedded in the pavements and asphalt which alerts the drivers where the next free parking space is. It has been found that about 30%-60% of the vehicles that drive around a city are looking for a place to park their vehicle. Think about the intense level of emission, driver frustration and of course the heavy burden on traffic management Brisbane that is caused by this. The sensor technology would eliminate all these problems, making the cities smarter and hassle-free.

Economic and ecological developmentOne of the biggest challenges faced by city planners is the carrying out of mega development projects while causing minimal damage to the environment. Since the dawn of the new millennium, the world in general started being more concerned about the impact on nature by mega development projects and various technological innovations were made to facilitate developments which are not only economical but also ecological. Keeping track of the fluctuations in the carbon footprint level was the strategy which was adopted Santander, Spain which was named the city of the future in recognition of the many steps it took to become a more sustainable metropolis. hydro-vac