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How Taxis Have Created Employment For Many People

In the world today, the number of white collar jobs is slowly shrinking. This is as a result of the increased number of qualified people in and around the world and above all the increase in the number of corruption cases, nepotism and favoritism. Many people in the world are getting jobs only if they are well connected to those in positions of power and this has caused untold agony and desperation to those who do not have any connections within the working environment. It therefore means that a sitting government must work very hard to provide conducive environment for those who cannot secure good jobs in the formal sector to thrive in the informal sector.

As a result of such environment, many people will create jobs by themselves and make ends meets. Poverty will also reduce drastically and as a consequence of this, social evils such as crime will reduce considerably. Many people in and around the world have embraced self employment and as a result, the world has since changed to be a better place to live in. In order to ensure that these self employment opportunities are there to last and keep people going, there is need to come up with strong policies that can help to keep the entrepreneurs safe.

Such policies should discourage exploitation of entrepreneurs as much as it is practicable. Exploitation and unconducive working environment have driven many entrepreneurs out of business and this has only served to increase the level of poverty and desperation in the world economy. To curb, this government has chosen to engage investors directly in order to get information first hand.

Taxis in many countries provide a means of livelihood for many people. It is in the public domain that many people have trained as drivers, but the number of vacancies available for them is very low. As a result, many of them are languishing in poverty as they do not have any platform through which they can showcase their talent and expertise. In order to alleviate this desperation and tap into the potential that such people has to offer to the economy, many financial institutions in collaboration with the incumbent government are offering entrepreneurs in this field soft loan to purchase motor vehicles and offer transport services.

Some of the services that they offer include transport of people from one place to another. Airport taxis are very popular with people going to catch their flights to other destinations as well as those whom their flights are touching down at the airport. Such people need to be driven to their houses and it is known that in most airports public transport means are not allowed within the vicinity of the airport as a matter of security concern. In most cases, people who need to change their meeting venues prefer using maxi taxis to ferry them from the original meeting to another. This helps to save time as well as cost of moving from one venue to another.