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What Are The Various Styles In Engagement Rings

Engagement and wedding rings symbolize a couple and hold great importance and meaning in the life of the married couple. The wedding rings and engagement rings are equally famous among men and women. However, the men’s engagement rings are much simpler than the women’s engagement rings. Therefore, there is a whole new range and style of engagement rings and wedding rings for both men and women. The men usually opt for simple wedding ring that is usually a circular band from either one colored metal or combination of colored metals and it usually has a single stone or a collection of small stones on it.

On the other hand, women’s engagement rings are not this much simpler and these have a wide variety and styles. Usually whenever someone thinks of buying the brilliant cut diamond ring comes to the mind because the diamond has not lost his charm over the years and is equally famous and elegant. The diamond engagement rings are available in the market in different styles such as the oval shaped and diamond pearl shaped engagement rings. The number of diamonds pearls on each of the rings also varies from ring to ring and the price of the ring is set accordingly.

Another very famous engagement ring’s design is the three pearled rings. This kind of ring is usually gaining much popularity since the last year because this kind of style was also used in royal’s weddings. This ring usually has a large pearl in its centre and two small pearls on each side of this large pearl. The significance of this ring is that it is said that three stones or pearls on the rings depict the past present and future of the couple. The band used in this ring is not very thick but to add more elegancy a thin band is used in this kind of engagement rings.

Another latest trend in the engagement ring is the stack rings. Stack rings are equally famous among men and women. Men can also add stacks to their engagement or the wedding ring. In most of the cases men go for double stack rings but in case of women a number of stacks can be added to the engagement rings. If a couple or some bride likes to wear traditional jewels styles then the cluster ring is the best option. The cluster diamond ring is traditional wedding or engagement ring.